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I figured since I haven't edited my bio since I made this thing (EIGHT YEARS AGO), it would be a good time for a change.
My name is Julia. I'm 22 years old, going to college for political science, and making my way through life as a fangirl of many different things. I'm pretty ridiculously random and tend to just post whatever pops into my head, so don't be surprised to see an absurd mish-mosh of crap here, lol.
Um. I guess the basic fandoms I'm currently involved in are Duran Duran, Pokemon and Danny Phantom. I love Michael Jackson and Clay Aiken, but I'm not involved with those fandoms as much as I used to be. I also am (kind of) involved with Monty Python, Sherlock, Doctor Who, TDS/TCR and Ghostbusters, but again, I'm not really involved with those fandoms, not as much as I used to be. Oh, and I'm obsessed with Food Network programming, lol.
I mentioned Duran Duran, so I'll say this here- Nick Rhodes is my soul mate. I AM CONVINCED.
And since I mentioned being in school for political science, I figure it would be beneficial to mention that I am a very liberal Democrat, and tend to not get on well with conservatives. I'm all for civil discourse, but the key word there is 'civil'. Respect me and I'll respect you back. Just don't expect to change my mind. *nods*
I am a writer and a dancer. I danced for fourteen years, am now taking a hiatus, but plan on getting back into it in the very near future. I'm also a writer of fanfiction, and am in the process of working on an original novel as well. So keep watching for that!
I have a separate blog for my fanfics, and it's under the name jamiesplotbunny, so there's that if you wanna read my random fics, lol. I also have an author page over on AO3, under my same username here, jamieaiken919.

I am on twitter and tumblr, under jamieaiken919 as well, so feel free to follow!

I'm a nice person, so don't be afraid to message me or comment if you wanna know more about me. :3